Born: Alfred Charles Sainty, April 1936
 Place of Birth: Leyton, East London

Alfie leaves school and goes to New market to become an Apprentice Jockey. Gets too heavy after six months and returns home to Leyton. Has various jobs, even trimming sticks for umbrellas!
Takes on another Apprenticeship, this time with the Leyton Borough Council, working in Horticulture at their Oliver Road Leyton Nursery.
At 19 years old, Alfie decides to break his deferment, and get his two year national service completed. He is called up to Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire and becomes a Royal Signals Squadie, number 23153947. Then to Royal Signals at Ripon for driver training followed by a posting to Germany.
Alfie is De mobbed from the Army in July and goes back to work at the Council Nursery, but having passed his R.H.S. examinations he is given the post as Head Propagator.
However Alfie is besotted by the exciting music "Skiffle" and from America, "Rock 'n' Roll".
After only a month of being De mobbed, he goes to his local pub in Church Road, Leyton; The Antelope, and see's a group called "THE BUDDY MONRO FIVE". Within a week, Alfie is singing with the group and had changed his name to Russ, which sounded more Rock 'n' Roll.
Russ now starts singing at many of the local Cinema's between programs in Leyton, Leytonstone and Walthamstow. By the summer time, Russ together with his Dad, take a drive to London's SoHo area. They head for 59, Old Compton Street; a tiny coffee bar called "THE 2 i'S". It had become a hot bed for the great new music, Rock 'n' Roll.
Russ meets the manager/doorman, a certain Tom Littlewood, who gives Russ an audition with guitarist/singer TONY SHERIDAN of whom was an established performer at the tiny cellar of the coffee bar. This turns out to be a turning point for Russ Sainty.
At a local London "Gig" with Tony Sheridan, Tony Meehan and Liquorice (Brian) Locking, Russ is approached by BARRY STOLLER and MEL MILLER, they were looking for a vocalist in their group, THE 4 TEENS. Russ later joined the group who were renamed as 'RUSS SAINTY AND THE NU-NOTES'
They now perform at many local halls and ballrooms, and all the US Air Bases in the south of England. The group very soon established themselves, and are booked to open a new club in London's East End (Hackney Wick) called "THE 59 CLUB". The group were booked week after week, and later for the official opening in front of HRH PRINCESS MARGARET, LORD SNOWDON with CLIFF RICHARD AND THE SHADOWS.
Russ and the Nu-Notes are booked to open a new Ballroom in Dunstable called "THE CALIFORNIA BALLROOM" on 12th March. They also pass their BBC audition and are very soon on shows like "SATURDAY CLUB", "EASY BEAT", "SWING INTO SUMMER", "POP GOES THE BEATLES", "TWENTIES TO THE TWIST", and more. They are also booked as the Pop/Rock group to open the new BUTLINS CAMP at Bognor Regis.
Russ by now is forced to quit his job as Propagator for Leyton Council. Under recording manager Bunny Lewis, Russ and the boys cut their first single on Top Rank, and later their second with Decca Records.
They are booked for their first nation wide tour with CRAIG DOUGLAS, RICKY VALLANCE, AL SAXON, THE AVONS and ALAN (Fluff) FREEMAN.
1961 - 1965

The Nu-Notes become THE RHET STOLLER GROUP and have a hit "CHARIOT". Russ and The Nu-Notes continue recording as Russ Sainty, The Rhet Stoller Group and The Nu-Notes. Russ is now booked with the BBC for regular solo spots.
Russ is now recording with Orchestra and in 1962 has a big seller with "SEND ME THE PILLOW (that you dream on)" still also recording with the Nu-Notes for EMI Ltd. At Abbey Road Studio's the boys cut some great records like "UNFORGETTABLE LOVE", "IV' E GOT A GIRL" and instrumentals like "FURY" and "KATHY".
In 1962 Russ and the Nu-Notes go on a nation wide tour with BOBBY VEE and THE CRICKETS.
During this period, Barry Stoller had left the group to work in his studio. They were then joined by guitarist BIG JIM SULLIVAN followed by ROGER DEAN.
It was during this period that Russ and The Nu-Notes would complete 338 set, performances at The California Ballroom (THE CALI) before calling it a day in 1965.
With the BBC, Russ and The Nu-Notes in this period were probably the most broadcast Pop/Rock group, having their own 13 week series on two occasions, namely "SIDE BY SIDE" and "RING A DING DING". Russ as a solo artiste with the BBC performed live from THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL and on several occasions from THE IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION, at London's Olympia and Earls Court.
March 1965, Russ gets married to Ann at Portsmouth Cathedral !!
To help further his publicity, Russ takes on Photographic Modeling work, pictured in all the fashion for Carnaby Streets "John Stephen" and parts of "The Swinging London Scene". This led to Russ working for advertising companies and was very soon on a big TV ad for the drink "WORTHINGTON E" and many ads were to follow.

1966 -
With Russ now a solo artiste, he works on a new Cabaret act. Russ plays the part of "WISHY WASHY" in panto at THE PLACE THEATRE, West Cliff on sea, Essex 1966/7.
Following the passing of Ann's mother, the married couple now move down to Hayling Island in Hampshire, in order to help Ann's father run a 52 seater restaurant.
Meanwhile Russ continues broadcasting with The Beeb, and performs his new cabaret act at some local clubs. Russ cuts a new single on RIM RECORDS !! Also a new LP for SAGA SOCIETY RECORDS called "THE GENIUS OF LENNON AND McCARTNEY - Sung by RUSS SAINTY".
Russ and Ann also find the time to have a daughter Michelle and a son Darren.
Russ now takes to the road working the Scottish and Northern Working Men's Club circuit !!
1970 -
Now with a polished cabaret act, Russ is booked to tour the great BAILEY CLUB CIRCUIT, supporting the likes of The Detroit Emeralds, Bernard Manning, Helen Shapiro etc, etc.
Regular bookings and summer seasons for The WARNER HOLIDAY CENTRE'S on Hayling Island and The Isle of Wight. A flight to GIBRALTA to perform in their televised "Song Festival" !!
The Nu-Notes first guitarist Barry Stoller, composes the most recognizable Theme Tune in the UK, "MATCH OF THE DAY".
1976 -
Russ is booked for a tour of clubs in South Africa, namely Cape Town and Durban. This is followed by working on cruise liners out of MIAMI to the BAHAMAS and CARRABEAN ISLANDS.
Russ performs at THE CASTLEBAR SONG FESTIVAL, Ireland on three separate occasions, and again at THE CAVAN FESTIVAL.
1982 -
Russ returns from America to take over as Entertainments Manager with his wife Ann, to run WARNERS, SINAH WARREN, on Hayling Island. Russ records a compilation single "THE 50's HITS RIGHT HERE ON 45".
Mid 80's Russ and Ann take over as Entertainments Manager for the final year of WARNERS HOLIDAY CENTRE, Southlea. Russ then continues performing cabaret for all WARNER SITES.
Several years now touring with the famous cabaret act "THE DALLAS BOY'S", with the "OH BOY SHOW".
The year 1996 Russ goes back to BUTLINS at BOGNOR REGIS after performing the opening year in 1960. A gap of some 36 years !!
This time Russ is booked to do his own 27 week ROCK N ROLL SPECTACULAR !!
Russ by now is completely self contained, and is booked for corporate, Masonic and all manner of functions and night clubs.
2000 -
Very similar schedule as the 90's.
The 18th September 2006 would turn out to be quite special? Russ along with others of the period 1956 - 1960, who performed at the now famous 2 i's Coffee Bar, were invited by the Lord Mayor of Westminster Council to attend the unveiling of an Historic Green Plaque to mark the site as THE BIRTH PLACE OF BRITISH ROCK N ROLL, and that those of whom performed their in those early heady days. To be recognized by the music industry as the pioneers and FOUNDING FATHERS of British Rock n Roll is something Russ is extremely proud of.
2008, Russ launches his new book "KING OF THE CALI' - A LIFETIME IN ROCK N ROLL".
As the year 2010 comes to an end, RUSS SAINTY is about to release his FIRST serious ALBUM !! It's only taken him almost 54 years ?? This must surely be Pop/Rock history?
Meanwhile, Russ is still busy with Rock Shows and cabaret performances around the country.


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